Dr Challinor is a Researcher and Lecturer of Psychology at the Australian Catholic University at the Strathfield Campus in Sydney, Australia


 Dr Kirsten Challinor is a neuroscientist academic whose research focuses on the psychology of better aging. Driven by her goal to bring joy to seniors, she implements over 20 years’ experience conducting research on the relationship between the brain and behaviour to aged care settings. As the leader of a research programs collaborating with the aged-care industry her primary focus is to answer research questions that are meaningful in ‘real world’ settings, not only in academic ivory towers. For example, her research interests include: music as a therapy for people living with Dementia, reduction of psychotropic medication use, carer wellbeing and trauma, and the complex factors of a carer-resident relationship that can lead to an unsafe workplace.



By evaluating programs I create evidence of the best non-pharmacological therapies for people living in aged care in order to bring joy to both seniors and their Carers.

My Theory of change:

If I: Empower aged care staff to build connections with residents and engage them in meaningful activity

By: Assessing the effectiveness of non-pharmacological therapies being currently implemented in care

I can: Improve the improve the social and emotional wellbeing residents and increase staff work satisfaction in a sustainable ‘virtuous cycle’.